What to look for in home security systems?

home security systemsThere are a many home security options, if you are looking to secure your house. Regardless of what system you pick, the end-goal needs to be the same: peace of mind, security, safety and added resale benefits in the future. Here are some of the best tips on what you should look for in home security system.

Security signs
Should you install a home security system, make sure that you affix a signboard on your door that alerts the intruders. The sign alone might defend against vandals or burglars!
Remember: criminals always choose the lowest hanging fruit. When they think your house is too secure, they’ll pick another target that seems to be easy. Apart from securing your home, do remember that a good security system will certainly interest many potential buyers, if you plan to sell your home at a later stage. Continue reading “What to look for in home security systems?”

Drone camera clicks have become a new sensation!

drone helicopterIn recent times, clicking photographs and capturing the videos with various gadgets have become the new trend. People love to capture their memorable moments. A selfie stick, although helpful, cannot take the exact angle or higher angle shots properly. For this purpose a drone camera is much needed. This is nothing but a toy helicopter fit with a camera, which can be operated through a device with the help of controllers and even mobile phones too. The best part of this device is it can capture images or videos while flying. It can provide a top angle shot from very far atop the sky. This is the main reason why a drone helicopter with camera for sale can be considered to be a sensation.

Best features of such a device

Flying is a general curiosity for people, when you go back to a long period of time. It gives a feeling of independence to the person. Not only kids, but young adults and teenagers also love to fly a toy helicopter.

With the help of modern technology, the camera fit between the propeller and flying wings capture a clear visual from the top. Drones also give an opportunity to see the ground from a bird’s eye view. Newly styled drones can come for about $1000 and can be considered a good offer to get a great device and at a reasonable price. These products also come with a warranty which provides assurance of its durability.
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10 Electrical Safety Tips For The Workplace

Electrical Safety TipsIn the modern world, we are exposed to more technology in the workplace than ever before, and technology means electricity. The amazing application of electricity in our daily lives is something that most of us take for granted, and while it is important to acknowledge the power and benefits of electrical equipment, we should never forget the constant risks that are posed by all things electrical. Perhaps what makes electricity so dangerous is that it is invisible and therefore easy to dismiss.

However, in the UK alone during 2010/11, it is not easy to dismiss the estimated 350,00 people who suffered some form of major injury due to electric shocks (at home and work), including 28 fatalities, according to Electrical Safety First. The health risks of electrical accidents include minor and major burns, heartbeat disturbance, persistent numbness and/or pain, temporary loss of sight, breathing difficulties, loss of muscle control (potentially leading to falls), and more. Electrical faults are also one of the top causes of fires and explosions in work environments.

With that in mind, here are ten tips to help prevent electrical problems and related injuries in the workplace:

(1) Maintain safety policies and trained staff

Draw up a list of key safety procedures and assign trained members of staff to regularly carry out inspections and visual checks on electrical equipment, to assess potential electrical hazards, and to apply the agreed safety procedures. Preventative and proactive measures are always preferable to being reactive.

(2) Pay attention to the location of electrical equipment

Ensure that electrical products are not used in wet, damp, or dusty areas. Also, all electronics should be kept away from the possibility of liquid spills (eg, drinks).

(3) Check the placement of electrical cords

Try to avoid any situation where electrical cords are placed across corridors, walkways, or doors/points of access. If there is no other choice, ensure that the cords are safely held in place by industrial tape for that specific purpose. Keep electrical cords away from sharp objects, such as nails or hooks, and heat sources, such as radiators or space heaters (see no. 4).

(4) Be wary of portable space heaters

These portable units are particularly hazardous when used in enclosed areas, such as under desks, where they can cause melting or even fires. Keep these units in open spaces and away from other electrical equipment.

(5) Don’t overload extension cords or adapters

Avoid any situation where it is necessary to plug one extension cord into another, to “piggyback” multiple adaptors. This can cause overloading and overheating, leading to electrical fires. Instead, look to install additional mains points to counter these problems.

(6) Use qualified professionals for repairs and installations

Ensure that any electrical repairs, installations, and wiring are carried out by recognized and qualified electricians. Check that the electrical supply for the relevant area is isolated before any work is performed.

(7) Power down

When finished with electrical equipment for an extended period of time, particularly at the end of a work day, be certain to switch off and power down. When removing plugs from a power point, pull from the plug head, not from the cord. Also, make certain that “live equipment” is disconnected before cleaning, moving, or adjusting.

(8) Be aware of your surroundings

Make sure that all staff know where to locate breakers and fuse boxes in case of an electrical emergency. Ensure that access to these points is not blocked.

(9) Use RCDs

RCDs (Residual Current Devices) can help to detect faults in electrical systems and to stop the power supply in case of a problem. If an RCD trips, be sure to check for the cause of the problem, and fix it, before using that system again. Be aware that RCDs will not necessarily detect all faults; they should be used in conjunction with other electrical safety measures to provide the best chance of incident prevention.

(10) Ensure regular user checks

Although it is highly recommended to have trained members of staff to perform regular checks on electrical equipment, all users of such equipment should be encouraged to perform basic checks themselves. Issues to look out for include: damage to cords, power points, or plug pins and covers; indications of overheating, such as staining or burn marks near to cords and plugs; exposure of wires; and ill-fitting plugs.


This advice should provide a solid foundation in ensuring the safe use of electrical equipment in the workplace. However, it is important to guard against complacency and every work environment should regularly assess its safety measures, as well as provide ongoing practical training for its staff. Being aware of the risks of electricity in advance and knowing how to prevent its hazards are essential in negating the need for reactive measures. We may take the benefits of electricity for granted, but we should never underestimate the need for protecting against its dangers.

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Home Video Surveillance

Home video surveillance is a great way to keep an eye on your home, kids, pets, and babysitters. It gives you remote access to the home to see what is going on. This can give the homeowner peace of mind and provides a way to monitor the happenings around the home, either while you are in another room, or away from the home.

With the advancements that have been made in home video surveillance, it is more affordable than ever, and you can even have the option of viewing the activities taking place at your home on your mobile phone or the Internet. Many kits nowadays are wireless and easy to install yourself. You may also choose to record video to view at a later time, or in the instance of a robbery, to later use as evidence. You may also wish to incorporate the video surveillance with a security system for added peace of mind and protection. Continue reading “Home Video Surveillance”

Knowing some of the best benefits of home security alarm monitoring

While there are many homeowners realizing the need of an alarm system, they often neglect a vital part of a security system: home security alarm monitoring. The benefits of alarm monitoring are many, including:

Fire emergency services

Crisis management

Rapid response to break-ins
The most important benefit of an alarm monitoring system is the rapid reaction to actual alarm events. Home security systems, while being very effective, are just sirens and lights when kept unmonitored. Such unmonitored home security systems do highlight a break-in, but eventually depend on witnesses or bystanders to alert the authorities. Quite often, burglars get enough time to take anything they want. An alarm monitoring support alleviates this by sending a signal to police the second an alarm goes off. The alarm monitoring companies can also effectively see whether an alarm generated is a false alarm, reducing the owner’s liability, as the homeowner may get penalized for fake alarms.
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