Makita Cordless Drill Makita Combo Kits Review

Makita BDF452HW

With nearly a 100 years of manufacturing history and over 50 years of manufacturing power tools, the Mikita brand is synonomous with quality, power, and affordability. Makita cordless drills consistently get great reviews online and through word of mouth, both for the do it yourselfer as well as the professional contractor.

We’ve done some digging around online and found a handful of great deals on Makita cordless drills, as well as 2 and 3-piece Makita Combo Kits. These are all Makita models that have proven themselves over the years not only as solid reliable tools, but as great value as well. We hope you’ll this list useful.

  • Makita BDF452HW
  • Makita BHP452HW
  • Makita BHP452Z
  • Makita LCT203W
  • Makita LCT300W
  • Makita BDF451

Makita 18v Cordless Drill Makita BDF452HW

The Makita BDF452HW is an extremely compact 18v cordless drill and driver, weighing in at just a little over 3 pounds. Yet the Makita BDF45WHW comes with 450 in.lbs. Max torque and an all metal variable 2 speed transmission, allowing it to handle a wide variety of tasks. The Makita BDF452HW has a battery run life of 27 hrs on its 1.5AH battery.

The Makita BDF452HW was the first full featured 18v cordless drill with a lithium ion battery that was priced for homeowners and DIY selfers, and it is still one of the most popular and best values for compact lithium-ion drills. The best part is that, with newer models on the horizon, this popular model can be had at huge savings. Click here to take advantage and a Makita BDF452HW on sale now.

EDITOR’S NOTE: At the moment, Amazon is also running an amazing deal where you can get a 3 piece Makita Combo kit that includes the BDF452HW cordless drill, as well as an 18v impact driver and flashlight for nearly the same price as the drill alone. Check it out here if you’re interested.

Makita 18v Cordless Hammer Drill – Makita BHP452HW Percussion Driver Drill Bare-Tool BHP453Z

Makita 18v Cordless Hammer Drill

At a compact 3.6 lbs, the Makita BHP452HW shares the BFD452HW’s compact size, but the addition of a percussion drill feature turns this from a standard driver-drill into a hammer driver drill, allowing you to carry one tool instead of 2. The Makita BHP452HW is equipped with a 450 in.lbs. max torque and a 2 speed variable transmission.

The percussive hammer combined with the driver-drill abilities is great for the do it yourselfer or professional contractor who wants to be able to do more with less. The Makita BHP452HW’s percussive hammer allows for a wide range of applications including fastening anchors, drilling into mansonry as well as setting smaller anchors in concrete, while still being able to handle the tasks of a standard drill-driver.

If you don’t need the percussive hammer features of the BHP452HW, we suggest you go with the BDF452HW instead for the lighter weight. Otherwise, you can grab the BHP452HW at a bargain price by going here.

If you’re only looking for the drill and you already have a Makita 18V LXT Battery and Optimum Charger, go with the Makita BHP452Z by ordering here.

Makita 18v Cordless Drill Makita BDF451

The Makita BDF451 is the bigger, stronger cousin of the Makita BDF452HW. This version was built more for the hardcore do it yourselfer and professional contractors who need their cordless drill on a daily basis. You may notice that the Makita BDF451 is priced higher, so what exactly is the reason for the higher pricing?

Battery Life

The Makita BDF451 has a significantly longer battery life than the BDF452HW. The BDF451 uses 3AH batteries at 18v, while the BDF452HW uses 1.5HW batteries at 18v. This means the Makita BDF451 has double the runtime, at 45 Watt hours compared to the 452HW’s 27 watt hours.


The Makita BDF451 comes with a more powerful charger, the 45 minute optimum charger which includes a fan to help circulate air through the battery, creating a more even charge.


The BDF451 uses a 3 speed transmission, as opposed to the 2 speed options offered by the BDF452HW. It also delivers 560. In lbs of max torque, 110 lbs more than the Makita BDF452HW.

Ultimately, the extra price in the Makita BDF451 is justified by the additional power and long lasting battery life, but these extra features are only worth the price if you need them. If you don’t find yourself tackling super tough surfaces or using your power drill on a daily basis, you should go with the Makita BDF452HW. For those professionals and hardcore do it yourselfers who need the power, features, and battery life offered by the Makita BDF451 Cordless Drill, it is definitely worth every extra penny. Get a great deal on the Makita BDF451 by ordering here.


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