Make easy cuts with Lotos Plasma Cutters

lotus plasma cutterEver wondered about having a power packed device, which could help you cut tough metals like aluminium and steel in a fraction of a second, and that too effortlessly? Then all you need is a plasma cutter. Plasma cutter is device which can easily cut through metals which conduct electricity. This device can prove to be very helpful for welding, restoration and repair of automotive parts and other fabrication operations, which require equipments that can cut quickly but efficiently at the same time. Due to their high frequency and power packed performance, these equipments find their application in big industries as well in small shops of hobbyists.

With the advancement in the technology and increasing competition in the market there are many options of plasma cutters available in the market. However, the Lotos plasma cutter stands out in the crowd due to its amazing features. Being light weighted, it becomes very easy to use this device. Also this device is portable thus can be carried to places to accomplish big as well as other smaller jobs.

With the help of Lotos cutters, cuts with high precision can be achieved in a very short span of time and that too without wasting much effort behind it. These plasma cutters use high energy ionised gas that is plasma, to deliver such high power packed performance which can easily solve household issues as well big concerns in large scale industries.

This high energy plasma is electrically transmitted to the nozzle of the cutter. When aimed at any metal or any other non-ferrous material the plasma gives out a series of sparks which can easily cut through a metal having thickness of about an inch. Thus, cuts can be made very effortlessly without compromising on the precision of the cut made and the rate at which the work is done.

The plasma cutter from Lotos is powerful enough to cut metals even under water making it the best option to complete professional, as well as non professional work. The plasma cutters of the Lotos brand are fully automatic and thus, require no manual effort to make high precision cuts through tough metals at a high speed. All the variants of Lotos are designed in such a way that they prove to be very user friendly for customers who want to use for small odd jobs at home. With these plasma cutters you can do away with the mechanical saws of olden times which were comparatively less efficient than modern day plasma cutters.

The Lotos cutters came with a very easy to understand manual guide to help the user assemble the product first time after purchase. The manual is detailed enough to guide the user through all the basic functionalities of the plasma cutter. The efficient cooling mechanism present in all Lotos plasma cutters makes sure that the user faces no issues due to prolonged usage of the device.

Thus, if you are looking to make your household tasks even simpler and time saving then buying a Lotos plasma cutter would be worth the effort and your money.

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