Buying guide for wine refrigerators

Wine is basically an alcoholic beverage synthesised by fermenting fruits, especially grapes. Grapes are primarily used because some natural organics contained in grapes enable them to ferment without any requirement of synthetic chemicals and external agents like sugars, acids or any other chemical agents like enzymes. For household purposes, wine refrigerators are used to preserve your wine at your home.

Wine refrigerators are used to keep the wine at a cold environment and keep it ready for optimum serving temperature. These are not used to age your wine. As one of the biggest enemies of wine is heat, it is required to keep them in a cool place for storage at households.

Nowadays, you will find varieties of wine refrigerators with different size and features and functions. So, before buying a wine refrigerator for your home, you must be well aware of all the features offered by various wine refrigerators and buy the one that suits your requirement the best. That’s why before buying a wine refrigerator, go through the wine refrigerator reviews to know all about a wine refrigerator.

Below some types of wine refrigerators available in the market are described.

    • Single Zone – Single zone wine refrigerators use a single thermostat to control the temperature inside the freezer. The zone inside the freezer also stays under optimum humidity and light to keep your wine. Some wine refrigerators also come with some additional customizable controls to adjust the inner atmosphere of your wine refrigerator as per your requirement. However, these types of wine refrigerators are generally small in size and cannot be used to store both red and white wine, as red and white are different kinds of wines requiring different optimum environments. These are also the cheapest kind of wine refrigerators available in the market and perfect for household uses.

  • Dual zone – Dual zone wine refrigerators are also known as twin zone wine refrigerators. Dual zone wine refrigerators use two different compartments with two different thermostats to maintain different temperature inside it. So, you can easily set two different temperatures in each compartment to store both red and white wine. Apart from the additional control over two chambers, most dual zone refrigerators available in the market come with lockable doors to keep your wine storage safe from children. These are costlier than single zone wine refrigerators.
  • Built in – These types of wine refrigerators could easily be assembled inside your modular kitchen saving space in your house. But generally, built in wine refrigerators come with smaller capacity than the previous two.

Apart from the above mentioned types of wine refrigerators other types of wine refrigerators can also be found, especially based on the technology used. Some wine refrigerators use compressors to provide the chilled atmosphere inside the wine refrigerator. Some wine refrigerators use thermoelectric technology to maintain the optimum atmosphere inside it. Both types have their own perks and cons.

So, before buying a new wine refrigerator check thoroughly about the specifications, features and technologies used and choose the right one for you.

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