A buying guide for waffle makers

waffle makersA waffle is dough cooked between two plates patterned in a specific size, shape and surface impression. Though based on recipes, the plates used waffles are available in wide varieties around the world. Now, with the perfect choice of waffle maker or waffle iron you will be able to cook restaurant grade waffles at your home. A waffle maker or waffle iron is a device used to make waffles.

Nowadays, consumer grade waffle makers are widely available all round the world making it easier for you to cook mouth-watering waffles at your home. A waffle maker is generally made of two hinged metal plates moulded to in a specific way to create the honeycomb patterns on the waffle. So to buy the best waffle maker, a buying guide is provided for you, considering various parameters that are required of a waffle maker.

Features to look for while buying a waffle maker are described below –

  • Size – Though compactly designed waffle makers are available in the market, certain bulky pieces are also there. So, before buying a particular waffle maker take a good look at the device and think about the place in your home where you are going to install the device. And also, the bigger the waffle maker, bigger the size of the waffle it produces. So, check the size of the waffle maker well and buy the one that suits your requirements the best.

Also regarding the size of the waffle maker, the number of standard sized waffle produced depends. So, if you have a large family, working with a small waffle maker and making sufficient amount of waffles will be difficult. So, if this is the case with you, buy a large waffle maker that produces a number of waffles at a time.

  • Waffle shape – Someone who cares about the shape of the waffle produced by the waffle maker should buy a waffle maker with different options for the shape. Generally, the waffle makers available in the market produce round or square waffles. Though several other designs are available, you should choose the one that satisfies you.
  • Thickness – Always check the thickness of the waffles produced before buying a waffle maker, as different types of waffles makers produces waffles with different thickness. So, depending on whether you want a crispy and thin waffle or you prefer thick and hard waffles choose your waffle maker wisely.
  • Indicators – Previously with old waffle makers, making waffle was tough as you had to check and guess whether your waffle is baked perfectly. Nowadays, there are advance models with indicators and alarms to make you confirm that your waffle is perfectly baked. So, before buying a waffle maker make sure it is equipped with modern features to help you bake perfectly.
  • Thermostat – Again with the advancement in technology, waffle makers are shipped with thermostat set inside them with a thermostat fit, to customise the internal environment of your waffle maker. This helps you to decide and control the temperature inside your waffle maker and by that you will be able to bake your waffle with its exact features.

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