Buying guide for wine coolers

wine coolersWine is an alcoholic beverage produced by fermenting fruits, mainly grapes. Grapes are mainly used, as the natural chemical ingredients in grapes allow them to ferment without adding any external agents like sugars, acids, enzymes or any other chemical agents.

Generally wine cellars are used to store large amount of wines designed particularly for the storing and aging of wine. Nowadays, wine refrigerators or wine coolers are used to store wine for household purposes. One of biggest troublemakers for wine is heat, so it is a requirement to store your wine in a suitable place and optimum temperature. So, basically a wine cooler keeps your wine protected from heat by placing it under optimum thermal conditions.

In the market, you will find varieties of wine coolers with different sizes, functions and features. So, before you buy a wine cooler you must be well aware of the basic features of a wine cooler, to suit your requirements perfectly. Thus, a wine cooler is an important tool for wine enthusiasts to have their wine ageing properly and at perfect temperature. However, you have to choose a wine cooler with proper bottle capacity, temperature zone and many more. So, here a buying guide of wine cooler is provided with wine cooler reviews.

Single zone wine cooler – A single zone wine cooler uses a thermostat to control the temperature inside it. It also keeps the interior of your wine cooler at light and humidity to help its aging properly. Additional customizable control is also provided with some advanced single zone wine cooler models. However, this type of wine cooler is strictly to be used for household purposes and for large scale storage of wine, single zone wine cooler cannot be used. Also, for wine enthusiasts who have to store both red and white wines together single zone wine cooler is not suitable. This is the cheapest kind of wine coolers available in the market.

Double zone wine cooler – A double zone wine cooler is also known as twin zone wine cellar. This kind of wine cooler comes with two separate compartments controlled by two different thermostats. So with this version of wine cooler, you will be able to store both red and white wines together. As two different compartments controlled by two different thermostats, they allow you to set optimum temperatures for both white and red wine separately. Additionally, dual zone wine cooler also features lockable doors to keep it safe from children. But dual zone wine coolers run by thermoelectric technology and may not satisfy you completely, with detachable trays also creating problems sometimes. These are a little costlier than single zone wine coolers.

Built in wine cooler – Built in wine coolers could be easily assembled in your kitchen without letting you spare any extra space for your wine cooling system. But the capacity of these kinds of wine coolers is relatively smaller than the other two.

Based on the technology used in a wine cooler to keep your collection of wines at optimum temperature, it can be further divided into compressor based wine coolers and thermoelectric wine cellars. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should thoroughly check before buying a wine cellar and choose the right one for your requirements.

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