Choosing the Best Ceiling Fans for Your Needs

Ceiling FansEvery home needs to have fans to be used in cooling off their homes during the hotter months as well as to provide better air circulation for the colder months. Having a ceiling fan in your home could help you reduce your electrical bills. Instead of using solely your cooling and heating systems in your home, you could also rely on your ceiling fans sometimes.  To decide which ceiling fan is best for your home, you need to make a certain criteria and have your choice of best ceiling fans to meet these criteria that you have created.

In creating these criteria, you need to know the features of your preferred ceiling fan. You could also give more emphasis on other points over the others. These criteria could include the brand of the ceiling fan, its aesthetics and its functions and more.


It is vital that your ceiling fan should commensurate to the room area where it will be used. Typically, the fan blades of your ceiling fan should measure 36 inches for every 100 square ft. of a room area. Likewise, for a room area size of 150 – 225 square ft. should have about 48 inches long fan blades.


Incidentally, when your house has a low ceiling, you will have different criteria in choosing the best ceiling fans. While high ceilings need down rods to circulate the air. A low ceiling requires a hugger or a flush mount ceiling fan. On the other hand, a sloped ceiling requires an angled mount with the fan blades not less than 7 ft. up regardless of the type of ceiling fan you choose.


Of course, you need a ceiling fan that is made of high quality materials. Motor housings that are made of die cast minimize the fan’s noise as well as they provide more fan stability. The fans’ bearings need to be permanently lubricated with a sealed oil reservoir.


The angle with which the fan blades are attached to the base of the ceiling fan is called the pitch. This ranges from eight to fifteen degrees. A ceiling fan with high pitch blades can circulate air better.

Special Features

It is also possible for your ceiling fans to have lights. You can also choose decorative blades if you want to. Such special features are eminent factors for the ratings of your ceiling fans.

When choosing the best ceiling fans, it is best to shop around and make a comparison of the ceiling fans based on your ratings. Of course, those which get high ratings could be the best ceiling fans though it still depends on how much weight you give for every aspect in your criteria. Or at least, that would help narrow down your choices to find the one that is right for you.

Level of noise during the night

This should also be taken into consideration as a noisy ceiling fan could cause you to worry or irritated at the same time. The ambient noise any ceiling fan makes is different at night time. You need to verify its noise rating before making the decision to buy the ceiling fan. This is one factor that you should not ignore.To find the Best Ceiling Fans, check with the website:

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