Learn all about balance bikes

balance bikesA balance bike is also commonly known as a run bike. It is used to train kids to balance and steer. These bikes are specially made without pedals and drive train.

Why balance bikes?

Balance bicycles are actually much safer to learn on. These bicycles help children to concentrate on balancing rather than pedaling. It is much easier to learn steering as well, instead of tricycles. When the children are confident about balancing, they can switch over to the regular bicycles. This way we can ensure fewer falls and accidents.

Parents realize that it is no longer a waste to invest in a balance bike for their precious ones, any longer. In fact, it is economical to invest in a balance bike because of wear and tear with frequent crashes and rough handling.

The very young ones take pride at the thought of riding a bike and owning one. All children adore independence and they feel a sense of accomplishment before their seniors, actually feel at par.

Most of the people in the world are restricted in their living room, watching television with their kids, which we all know is terribly harmful for both physical health and mental health. The little ones need not be confined once they are given a balance bike. They themselves take full initiative and interest to enjoy their bike outdoors.

A survey report states that children using balance bikes ride pedal bikes faster than those who use training wheels. They do not require supervision and help to ride a run bike. It is indeed a great relief for the parents!

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