Visonic PowerMax Pro Home Security System

The Visonic PowerMax Pro is a great solution for anyone looking for an easy to use security system for the home that has versatility and is easy to install. This system allows the homeowner to view what is happening at their home from anywhere by using such means as a mobile phone or any web browser. It is a reliable security system that is easy to use and features a nice looking, contemporary design.

The installation and set-up is easy enough that you can do it yourself. The Visonic PowerMax Pro features an X-10 interface and PSTN communicator already built into it. Homeowners also have the option of adding an internal GSM/GPRS or Broadband IP communication modules to this system, providing great flexibility. This allows users to upgrade and personalize the security system to fit their personal needs as well as budget.
When the PowerLink module is added, the Visonic PowerMax Pro becomes fully web-based manageable. Homeowners can log into their system using any web browser and take advantage of home control, real-time video surveillance by camera, and image verification of alarm time. Homeowners can also be notified by cell phone or email in the event there is anything going on at their home that the system has detected.

Installation of the Visonic PowerMax Pro is made easy thanks to voice prompts and intuitive menus. The system can also be learned quickly due to the icon based keypad and video and audio system status notifications that help to eliminate unnecessary calls to customer support.

* Features of the Visonex PowerMax Pro Security System

– Modular, high end design looks modern
– External boxes are unnecessary because unit is self contained
– Optional built-in modules such as an external voice box, internal RFID reader, or internal GSM/GPRS or internal Broadband communicator, and an internal PowerLink module that allows camera connection to view video in real-time
– X-10 Interface allows for home management of home appliances, lights, and alarms
– Will support as many as three partitions
– Reports events to monitoring stations, e-mail addresses, web applications, land line phones, mobile phones, pagers, and SMS messages
– PowerCode RF system enables use of two way sirens and key fobs
– Has both internal and external power supply
– Special application for care of elderly
– May use up to eight user codes
– Battery backup will last up to 72 hours
– Use interface is LCD- based
– Can connect to 28 wireless zones, additional 2 hardwired ports
– Fully complies with FCC regulations and most other international standards

* Conclusion

The Visonic PowerMax Pro is the perfect home security and surveillance solution for everyday use , or when you are away from home for an extended period of time. This system will provide ease of use, along with the personal satisfaction of knowing that your home is being protected and that you will be kept informed as to what is happening at your home in the event the security system is set off. This model is sold for a price of around $250 and has the option to purchase additional features to make it a very well-rounded, all in one unit for home security.

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