Visonic PowerMax Pro Home Security System

The Visonic PowerMax Pro is a great solution for anyone looking for an easy to use security system for the home that has versatility and is easy to install. This system allows the homeowner to view what is happening at their home from anywhere by using such means as a mobile phone or any web browser. It is a reliable security system that is easy to use and features a nice looking, contemporary design.

The installation and set-up is easy enough that you can do it yourself. The Visonic PowerMax Pro features an X-10 interface and PSTN communicator already built into it. Homeowners also have the option of adding an internal GSM/GPRS or Broadband IP communication modules to this system, providing great flexibility. This allows users to upgrade and personalize the security system to fit their personal needs as well as budget.
When the PowerLink module is added, the Visonic PowerMax Pro becomes fully web-based manageable. Homeowners can log into their system using any web browser and take advantage of home control, real-time video surveillance by camera, and image verification of alarm time. Homeowners can also be notified by cell phone or email in the event there is anything going on at their home that the system has detected. Continue reading “Visonic PowerMax Pro Home Security System”

Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100 Home Security System

The Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100 home security system is a self-contained wireless unit. It features a handy full color touch screen which makes operation a breeze because of the intuitive prompts and graphic icons. This model has home automation capabilities, control capabilities, and advanced alarm communications. The Wi-Fi communications module provides users with an inexpensive solution for alarm communications and remote services. It also saves time on installation because there are no wires to run, and in turn, saves the homeowner money on monthly operations.

This home security system may be used as the primary security system, or as a back-up. The 4G radio works to locate the best possible signal in the area. These advancements make it possible for dealers to provide service to customers who use mobile phones, POTS lines, or VoIP to access their security system. Continue reading “Honeywell LYNX Touch 5100 Home Security System”

Home Video Surveillance

Home video surveillance is a great way to keep an eye on your home, kids, pets, and babysitters. It gives you remote access to the home to see what is going on. This can give the homeowner peace of mind and provides a way to monitor the happenings around the home, either while you are in another room, or away from the home.

With the advancements that have been made in home video surveillance, it is more affordable than ever, and you can even have the option of viewing the activities taking place at your home on your mobile phone or the Internet. Many kits nowadays are wireless and easy to install yourself. You may also choose to record video to view at a later time, or in the instance of a robbery, to later use as evidence. You may also wish to incorporate the video surveillance with a security system for added peace of mind and protection. Continue reading “Home Video Surveillance”

Knowing some of the best benefits of home security alarm monitoring

While there are many homeowners realizing the need of an alarm system, they often neglect a vital part of a security system: home security alarm monitoring. The benefits of alarm monitoring are many, including:

Fire emergency services

Crisis management

Rapid response to break-ins
The most important benefit of an alarm monitoring system is the rapid reaction to actual alarm events. Home security systems, while being very effective, are just sirens and lights when kept unmonitored. Such unmonitored home security systems do highlight a break-in, but eventually depend on witnesses or bystanders to alert the authorities. Quite often, burglars get enough time to take anything they want. An alarm monitoring support alleviates this by sending a signal to police the second an alarm goes off. The alarm monitoring companies can also effectively see whether an alarm generated is a false alarm, reducing the owner’s liability, as the homeowner may get penalized for fake alarms.
Continue reading “Knowing some of the best benefits of home security alarm monitoring”

Business Video Surveillance

Business video surveillance can be an important part of helping to prevent theft, to monitor employees, or to just keep an eye on the property and surroundings. It is also a great way to help ensure the safety and welfare of your employees and provides the business owner with peace of mind.

If employees are made aware of the fact that a business video surveillance system is being used, this will most likely prevent many problems from happening in the first place. Employees will be more likely to follow company policies and be less inclined to participate in any shady activities such as stealing money or inventory from the business. In the event that you already suspect something is up with an employee, a surveillance system could be installed to confirm to dismiss the suspicions of the owner. Continue reading “Business Video Surveillance”