Portable generator – easy to move and manage

Portable generatorThere is a recurrent problem of power cut, which we face in the city and suburbs. If you have a generator then you can use it during the power cut, but you can not move these types of generators because they are too heavy. You can choose the portable generators instead. They are light weight machines and you can store it in a small place and you can transport it in any location, when you need.

Features of the portable generator

  • You can easily carry portable generator to any place and these types of generators are available in different sizes. All the portable generators have different fuel consumption level.
  • Large portable generators are very useful for construction and manufacturing works because it you can carry it to your new construction project. If you do not have any generator in your home till now, then you can buy a large portable one for your home also. It will provide you maximum backup system during power cut in your home.
  • Commonly all the generators are run by diesel, gasoline, natural gas and propane.  Some portable generators can be run by four types of fuel and you can operate these generators with any kind of fuel.

Benefits of portable generator

  • Portable generators are easy to carry and you can transport them to any places according to your need.
  • When you travel for campaign, picnic or boating then you can carry a small portable generator with you and it will help you to run coffee maker, toaster, dryer and you can watch television also.
  • Construction works need large power backup and if you are a builder then you can place a portable generator in your construction site and it will provide you maximum power backup. Else, if you are planning to reconstruction your home then you can install this portable machine in your home to run the entire machine and construction tool like, heater, compressor and paint sprayer.

Some portable generators and their features

DuroStar DS4000S: the 7.0 HP air cooled OHV engine of this portable generator is highly powerful and you can get up to 50 percent of running capacity for 8 hours by using only 4 gallons of gasoline. This generator has 3300 watt of running time. Apart from that, it has low fuel indicator and auto shut down system and isolated motor component. You can easily move it by using the wheel to any places.

Champion power 42436: this is the most light weight portable generator. The weight of this machine is 56lbs. the champion 80cc OHV engine is highly applicable for small electronic appliances, like television, music systems and household lighting capacity. You can use it up to 11 hours with 4 gallons of gas only. The noise level of this generator is 65Dba and it is almost sound proof. Apart from this, the low gas indicator and overload protection technology of this generator provide a complete secure and safety.

So, now you can buy a portable generator at bestportablegenerator.net and carry it to any place according to your requirement.


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